Michelle Rempel

MP For Calgary - Nose Hill

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Meet Michelle

Michelle was elected to represent Calgary Nose Hill in 2015 in the House of Commons and Calgary Centre-North in 2011. In 2013 Michelle was appointed to the Cabinet as Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification making her the youngest female appointed to Cabinet in Canadian history. She previously served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment.

Previously, Michelle was a Director at the University of Calgary and built a strong reputation for successfully promoting innovative academic and business research partnerships. She also worked in the technology commercialization division of the University of Manitoba, where she assisted in administering commercialization strategies for a portfolio of over 200 emerging technologies.

Prior to this, she was engaged as a managerial consultant in Calgary, applying her knowledge of intellectual property management within a professional service framework in the areas of strategic planning, project management, process reengineering, and marketing where she gained insight in the health and educational sectors.

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