Creating Jobs & Opportunities

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Creating jobs and securing economic growth is a priority for Canadians and it remains our Conservative Government’s top priority.

Our Government’s decisive and pragmatic measures have bolstered the strength and resilience of the Canadian economy. In the midst of an uncertain global economy, Canada has earned a well-deserved global reputation for sound fiscal policy and economic strength.

  • - Canada has one of the strongest job creation records in the G7, with over one million more Canadians working now than at the depth of the recession.

  • - Canada is the only G7 country to have the highest triple-A credit rating from all major agencies

  • - Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) is significantly above pre-recession levels, and it has increased more than any other G7 country.

  • - Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio is the lowest among G7 countries.

  • - Both the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development expect Canada to be among the strongest-growing economies in the G7 over the next couple years.

  • - Growth in foreign direct investment into Canada has been the strongest among G7 countries since the depth of the global recession.

  • - The World Economic Forum has ranked Canada’s banks as the best in the world for seven years in a row.

  • - Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in which to do business.

  • - Canada has the lowest overall tax rate on new business investment in the G7.

Strong fiscal management is the cornerstone of our Conservative Government’s economic policy, and our continued focus on fiscal responsibility will help preserve Canada’s fiscal advantage.