Message from our EDA President

As you may have heard, Trudeau’s government is attempting to ram through changes that will have an impact on the way our democracy works.

The Liberals want to close Parliament on Fridays, let Trudeau off the hook for questions in the House, and limit democratic debate between our elected Members of Parliament. These changes are drastic and they are trying to push them through unilaterally, without any input or consent from the opposition parties.

Our Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel, has been working hard to keep Canadians informed about this issue (check out her Facebook page for updates) and to try and stop them. This is unprecedented and she needs your help. If you haven’t already, please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family. With your support, maybe we can finally make the Liberals do their job and listen to Canadians.

This has been a long two weeks: first a disastrous budget and now this. I know Michelle appreciates your support.

Thank you,


Paul Frank
Calgary – Nose Hill CPC EDA