Today Prime Minister Stephen Harper highlighted how his low-tax, balanced budget plan is providing real, concrete tax relief and enhanced benefits to all Canadian families with children. 

Our Government’s plan is anchored by prudent economic management and a commitment to help hard-working Canadian families buy and invest in their homes, cover the costs of child care, save for a child’s education, and prepare for retirement,” the Prime Minister said. “By controlling spending, balancing the budget, and keeping our debt low, we can provide real help to Canadian parents while fuelling economic growth at the same time.”


The Harper Government has provided substantial tax relief in every budget since 2006 and the typical family with children is now receiving tax relief and increased benefits of up to $6,600 per year. This includes (but is not limited to):


·         Cutting the GST from seven to six to five percent

·         Establishing and expanding the Universal Child Care Benefit

·         Enacting the Family Tax Cut

·         Increasing the annual Childcare Expense Deduction Limit

·         Introducing and doubling the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit


This tax relief and enhanced benefits is rooted in a foundation of solid fiscal management based on controlling spending, eliminating the deficit, and keeping Canada’s debt levels at the lowest level in the G-7 by far.  The Department of Finance reported last week that the federal government recorded a $5 billion budget surplus in the first three months of the current fiscal year. 


As a result of our careful economic and fiscal plan, we’re able to let Canadian families keep more of their hard-earned money for their own needs and priorities,” the Prime Minister said. “The budget is balanced, taxes are lower, and benefits for parents are higher. Our plan is working.”


Prime Minister Harper pointed out that his Government’s hard work to lower taxes and enhance benefits for Canadian parents would be lost if Justin Trudeau’s Liberals or Thomas Mulcair’s NDP were elected. Both would add billions of dollars in new federal spending, plunging the country back into deficit. And both would take away tax relief and enhanced benefits from Canadian families, and add billions more in new taxes. Neither leader has been up-front about the impact their unsustainable fiscal plans would have on Canadians, meaning that Canadian families face a real and serious financial risk with either Justin’s Liberals or Mulcair’s NDP.


Justin’s ongoing deficits and higher taxes would hurt Canadian families. And Canadian families just can’t afford Thomas Mulcair and the NDP,” noted the Prime Minister. “The choice is clear: only the Conservative Government can be trusted to keep the budget balanced and keep taxes low and benefits in place for all Canadian families.”