Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced two measures to help Canadian manufacturers expand their businesses and create new jobs.

Canada’s manufacturing industry is a key pillar of the Canadian economy that provides good, well-paying jobs for hardworking Canadian families all across our country,” Prime Minister Harper said. “We have been focused on building the future of this sector over the past decade and we have a plan to do more.”


Under the proven leadership of Prime Minister Harper, Canadian manufacturers came through the global recession and now benefit from unprecedented global trade opportunities, incentives for new investment in facilities, modern infrastructure, a skilled workforce and one of the most advantageous business tax environments in the world.


A re-elected Conservative government will build on this proven record by working with employers and key stakeholders to establish a new Advanced Manufacturing Hub to encourage the development of cutting-edge products and technologies.  The new centre, planned for Burlington, will become a catalyst for high-quality, value-added investment and jobs in the manufacturing sector. 


Canadian manufacturers of all sizes face common challenges as new technology and processes emerge,” Prime Minister Harper said. “Working with the private sector and using Canada’s research expertise, we will help our manufacturing sector grow and succeed around the world.”


Building on the Conservative Government’s record of expanding trade and opening new markets for Canadian-made products, Prime Minister Harper also committed to establish an Investment and Trade Promotion Office with a mandate to coordinate federal programs and policies to attract new manufacturing product mandates and investments to Canada, and help Canadian firms increase market share globally.


The Investment and Trade Promotion Office will be a one-stop shop to attract investment and product mandates to Canada,” Harper said.  “This will translate into new, high-quality jobs across the country and keep our economy moving forward.”


The Prime Minister contrasted these practical, serious solutions advocated by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters to support Canada’s manufacturing sector and help grow the economy with the untested, dangerous approaches proposed by his opponents.


Justin hasn’t thought through this issue and has shown time and again that he is not capable of managing Canada’s $1.7 trillion economy,” said the Prime Minister. “Justin believes that Canada should simply give up on manufacturing-based employment!”


Mulcair and the NDP pretend to care about manufacturing, but their dangerous high-tax ideology will wreck the economy and drive away manufacturing jobs,” the Prime Minister said.  “Canadians can’t afford Mulcair and the NDP.”