Weekly Update – June 13th, 2014

Last week the all-party Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs tabled its unanimous comprehensive report on the New Veterans Charter, the product of over six months’ worth of meetings and deliberations.

The Committee held Canada-wide consultations and heard from veterans and veteran organizations, veterans’ experts, civilians, veterans’ family members, and many other stakeholder groups and developed their 14 recommendations. The Federal government will now carefully review this report and respond within the timeframe afforded by the Committee. To read the report, follow the following link here.

The Federal Government is dedicated to helping veterans and their families to be as healthy and independent as possible.

Under the present government there has been an increase of almost $5 billion in new funding for veterans. Veterans have access to a network of 4,800 mental health professionals nation-wide, top of the line medical treatment and generous financial benefits. Other support includes increasing the number of mental health professionals in the Canadian Armed Forces by 20% since 2009. There are nearly 400 full-time mental health professionals and the Canadian Armed Forces are working to hire more. The eligibility for the Permanent Impairment Allowance was expanded and extra funds were allotted to create an additional $1000/month Permanent Impairment Allowance Supplement. The Veterans Independence Program was also expanded so that now over 38,000 veterans' widows receive shoveling, grass cutting and home cleaning services.

At the launch of the New Veterans Charter on April 6, 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said

"In future, when our servicemen and women leave our military family, they can rest assured the Government will help them and their families’ transition to civilian life. Our troops’ commitment and service to Canada entitles them to the very best treatment possible. This Charter is but a first step towards according Canadian veterans the respect and support they deserve."

Your Federal government continues to honour this commitment and continues to make the investments necessary to ensure Veterans receive the services they need and deserve.