Michelle - Working Hard for Our Community

See what Michelle has done for our community

I've worked hard since being elected as a Member of Parliament in 2011. I have also remaind focused on being a strong voice for the needs of our community in Ottawa.


That's why I'm proud of my record as a Member of Parliament for our community.

As part of the government’s coordinated approach to celebrating the 150th year of Canadian Confederation, the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program was announced to support projects that rehabilitate existing community facilities across Canada.

The fund has been used to support numerous organizations in our communities here our own community, including:


  • Edgemont Community Association received funding for upgrades to community rink, interior systems and repairs to sports storage field house.


  • North Haven Community Association received monies to upgrade the Community League Hall.


  • The City of Calgary received funding for construction and restoration of new and existing trails, installation of timber landscape stairs and trail markers in Nose Hill Park.


  • Innovate Calgary, in partnership with the University of Calgary and SAIT Polytechnic, received funding to establish the Kinetica Innovation Centre for high-tech start-up companies to develop innovative technological solutions for the energy sector, accelerate commercialization opportunities, and engage students to participate in industry-relevant projects.


  • Nose Creek Sports and Recreation Association received funding to renovate the Vivo for Healthier Generations recreation facility. (Formerlly known as Cardel Place)


  • SAIT Polytechnic received funding to develop 3D virtual training modules for skilled trade workers, which will allow students to access training through a blended classroom and online distance learning experience.


  • The Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary received government support for upgrades to their facilities.

  • Prior to the Canada 150 plan, our government implemented the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) from 2012-2014. The fund invested $150 million into community infrastructure. Our community benefited significantly from this program including:

  • Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre received funding for upgrades, including the replacement of its furnaces, HVAC unit and lighting fixtures. These improvements will increase the facility’s overall energy-efficiency, helping to lower its operating costs in order to better meet the needs of its users for years to come.

  • Cardel Place received funding for upgrades including the installation of a new water treatment system and cooling tower, as well as improved elevator card access and energy efficient lighting upgrades. These improvements will create a more modernized facility to better suit the residents living in north-central Calgary.


  • The government also provided federal CIIF funding for the Huntington Hills Community Centre to assist with numerous interior upgrades to improve the energy efficiency of the building and provide safer access for those with limited mobility.


And finally, one of the projects I am proud to have worked hard on and supported is the North Central LRT Line (Green Line) in Calgary.

Our government announced that funds will be made available within the Public Transit Fund (which was announced in Budget 2015) for the Green Line Light Rail Transit project in Calgary. This investment of approximately $1.53 billion is the largest single infrastructure investment from the Federal Government in Calgary’s history.


Many north Calgary communities will benefit from the Green Line.


The Green LRT line will provide significant permanent support for large-scale public transit projects that address congestion and reduce travel time.


Working with other elected representatives from all levels of government, members of the community and Community Associations, we have been able to accomplish something incredibly meaningful together for our city and our community.


The Green Line Light Rail Transit project will create jobs, growth and reduce traffic congestion throughout the city.


I have been proud to stand up for the needs of our commmunity in Ottawa.